Dog Agility Training

Dog Agility Training
If you would love to reach competition level or just want to get fit and enjoy the interaction and stimulation that agility brings, our classes are perfect for complete beginners as well as experienced dog handlers.  We welcome people of all ages, from all walks of life, and with all breeds of dog.


Five week courses are available for adult dogs over 1 year old in groups of up to 6 dogs.  All our courses are designed to get the most out of your dog and follow a set discipline each week ending in your dog being able to complete a small agility course suited to your progress  by week 5.  We have various types of courses in our diary ranging from complete beginners sessions to more advanced agility work courses.  There is something suitable for everyone!

£30 per dog payable in full at your first class.

We are also able to offer one-to-one training sessions if you dont feel comfortable joining a group of people or just need complete concentration without the distractions that a group setting may have.

Our one to one sessions are available in blocks of 5 sessions at hours to suit you.

£40 per dog payable in full at your first class.


For more information please contact Lesley on 0791 7601953

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